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MINI Ceiling-mount detectors
high-humidity sensors
MINI-GH - High-bay sensors
MINI-IP65 - High-humidity sensors

  • MINI Primary sensor for use with PP-DIM power packs
  • Designed for indoor use and dry locations only. For wet or damp locations refer to part number 97191, MINI-P-PP-DIM-W-FC
  • Works with the B.E.G. Controls power pack PP-DIM-J
  • Up to 4 Secondary sensors may be connected with a primary sensor to increase motion detection coverage.
  • Spring clips for quick and easy installation in suspended ceilings and light fixtures
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Masking blinds included
  • All programmable features can be adjusted using our free Android and iOS apps.
  • ROHS and REACH compliant
  • Trim rings are removable for field painting. Use paints suitable for polyethylene plastic. Accessory rings are offered in several popular colors and in two different sizes. Please see accessory ordering information for options.
  • Indoor applications: Private and Open Offices Conference Rooms School/University Classrooms Corridors Healthcare and Laboratory Spaces For high mounting applications please refer to MINI-P-PP-DIM-GH-FC, part number 97188. For outdoor and wet location applications please refer to MINI-P-PP-DIM-W-FC, part number 97191.


   Type Part no.   
   MINI-P-PP-DIM-FC 97181   
   Technical data
  • Operating voltage: 24 V DC from B.E.G. Controls Power Pack PP-DIM-J, PP-DIM-W or compatible power supply by others. Please contact B.E.G. Controls to confirm compatibility with power supplies by others.
  • Power consumption: < 0.5 W
  • Operating temperature:
    -13 °F to 122 °F / -25 °C to +50 °C
  • UV- and shock resistant 5VA material
  • Cable length: 9.8 ft / 300 cm
  • Remote controllable:
    IR-Adapter with Smartphone App (Android / iOS)
  • Compliances: ETL listed for the U.S. and Canada (UL STD 60730-1 and CSA STD E60730-1). UL 2043 plenum rated.
  • Channel 1

  • Daylight Modes: Fully automatic, Impulse & CdS
  • DIM output: 0-10 V DIM, max. 50 ECG
  • Follow up time: 30 s - 30 min
  • Orientation light: 0 % - 30 % of nominal light
  • Switch-on threshold: 2 - 100 fc / 20 - 1000 Lux

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