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Parent company Brück Electronic GmbH, is family owned and was founded in 1975 with its headquarters in Lindlar, Germany (near Cologne). Through German engineering and high corporate standards, the company is renowned for its high quality, innovative products and focus on customer satisfaction.

B.E.G. built its reputation with unique and innovative emergency lighting and exit sign products. In 1986 B.E.G. became one of the first companies in Germany to produce motion detectors for automatic lighting control. Since then, B.E.G. has developed a comprehensive line of indoor and outdoor motion, occupancy and vacancy sensors for both commercial and residential applications.

Beyond traditional low voltage and high voltage sensors, B.E.G. is continuing to innovate with the development and production of detection products that communicate using open and standard building automation protocols (ex. Dali, Lon, Z-Wave, etc.) for integration into lighting control and building management systems.

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Brück Electronic GmbH has sales organizations in Germany, England, France, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Hungary, Romania and Australia, and is now proud to announce the establishment of our U.S. organization, B.E.G. Controls.

B.E.G. Controls. is dedicated to continuing the quality and customer service standards that made B.E.G. into a worldwide leader in lighting controls.

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